Never Go Snow Skiing with a Rabid Deer

Snow skiing can be a dangerous activity once you get past the bunny hill. It can be even more dangerous if you try to go snow skiing with a Rabid Deer.

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Top Odd Winter Sports

It’s got to be the c-c-c-cold that makes seemingly sane human beings engage in some of the weirdest activities you can find. Apparently the part of their brain that warns their body of danger freezes and the result is massive bruising and multiple fractures.

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Unload Your Gun or Leave the Dog at Home

So far, 2011-12 is shaping up as the hunting season of “dogs strike back” or “put a puppy behind the trigger.”

There have been two instances of dogs shooting their owners – so far. Now one instance of a dog shooting its owner is a rarity. Something Rabid Outdoorsmen can scratch their heads over and wonder how the heck that happened. Well, wonder no more.

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