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Top Odd Winter Sports



     It’s got to be the c-c-c-cold that makes seemingly sane human beings engage in some of the weirdest activities you can find. Apparently the part of their brain that warns their body of danger freezes and the result is massive bruising and multiple fractures.

     At Rabid Outdoors we’re all for it. As we promote an avid and rambunctious lifestyle that pushes whatever boundaries you run into, we can see nothing wrong with presenting the Top Odd Winter Sports. So, in no particular order of importance or sanity, here they are:

Polar Bear Swimming: We’re all for a nice swim and it gets really interesting when you run the risk of hypothermia.

Ice Fishing for Sharks: Continuing with the aqua-theme, the folks in Greenland really know how to make a rather mundane chore exciting. I guess you just haven’t lived until you pull a 20-foot shark through a hole in the ice.

Kite Skating: This starting out with roller blades, but that was just too easy. A sudden gust of wind dragging you across the ice at 50 miles per hour sounds like a lot more fun.

Luge: Yes it is as extreme as it looks. Sliding headfirst down a ramp at 80 miles per hour is what separates the totally insane from the slightly insane.

Skeleton: If one person can do it, why not have two people go sliding down a ramp at 80 miles per hour. Of course, it has to be two people in total denial that they are riding something called a skeleton.

Biathlon: We’re not sure if this is really that odd here at Rabid Outdoors. Skiing and shooting just sounds like an alternative way to hunt deer in the snow.

Skitching: At this time, the legal department at Rabid Outdoors reminds us to point out that we do not endorse anyone doing any of these activities – especially this one. But we still don’t understand what could be illegal about skiing while a car pulls you along. They do it on water don’t they?

Skijoring: For people who don’t have a car, there’s this sport which entails getting dogs to pull you on skis. We think it would be more interesting if you got two pit bulls with a habit of turning on their owner to pull you.

Bandy: We’re not surprised that a bunch of Russians would have come up with this one. A combination of soccer, football and hockey, this sport is played on a 100-yard long rink (yep. same as a football field). On skates, 22 people fight over a ball with curved wooden sticks, trying to put it into a goal that’s the same size as one for soccer. It’s a shame the Swedes keep beating the Russians at a game they invented.

Curling: There’s nothing better to put you into a long winter slumber like the high-octane sport of curling. We’re just wondering what genius realized that sweeping brooms in front of the block of granite would control how it slides and allows you to better place it on a target.

     You’ll notice we didn’t include snowboarding, but Shaun White is just too cool to be accused of being odd. Still, we at Rabid Outdoors think you have enough odd stuff here to last you for several winters. Let us know if you master one of them.

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